Corporate information

Corporate information


Crafting Mizuhiki that captivates the heart while preserving tradition.

The traditional industry of Iida City, known as Iida Mizuhiki, has been employing traditional methods in Mizuhiki production for over 300 years. Alongside Iyo Mizuhiki in Shikokuchuo City, Iida City stands as one of the two principal Mizuhiki production centers, actively contributing to the preservation of Mizuhiki culture.
In the mid-Edo Period, in an area where high-quality mulberry (kozo) and oriental paperbush (mitsumata) trees naturally thrived, along with an abundance of water crucial for papermaking, the inception of Motoyui production took place. Stemming from this origin, the Mizuhiki industry emerged, flourishing as a supplementary occupation during agricultural off-seasons.
Presently, we have shifted to machine manufacturing for efficiency and have been crafting Iida Mizuhiki for over a century since our establishment in 1902.
We value the dedication to crafting formal products that elevate special occasions. Each of our employees endeavors to contribute their unique insights, aiming to offer all customers appealing products that inspire satisfaction and trust. At Shinmeido, our future objective is to pass on the exquisite traditions and cultural heritage of Japan to the generations to come.
In recent years, with the improvement in our standard of living, all our employees have been dedicated to fostering mental well-being through their manufacturing efforts.

Yasuhiro Sekijima, Representative Director

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