The History of Iida Mizuhiki

Iida Mizuhiki represents a time-honored craft that has been passed down through generations in the Iida region of Nagano Prefecture. Originally recognized for its excellence in Japanese paper production, Iida thrived during the Edo Period (1603-1868) as a prominent producer of motoyui, cord for tying hair made of Japanese paper. Since the Meiji Era (1868-1912), the traditional techniques honed in motoyui production have been skillfully applied to craft Mizuhiki. In recent times, the art has evolved with the development of various Mizuhiki types, showcasing intricate and refined work that harmonizes contemporary elegance with the enduring traditions of ancient Japan.

Shinmeido Craftsmanship

We stand among a select group of manufacturers in Japan engaged in the comprehensive process of designing, manufacturing, and selling a diverse array of products, ranging from Mizuhiki materials to Kinpu, Mizuhiki ornaments, New Year's decorations, and more. Our commitment extends beyond delivering artistically crafted products rooted in traditional craftsmanship; we also offer items featuring contemporary designs that resonate with current trends.

Our Products

  • Yuino betrothal sets

    We offer a variety of yuino betrothal sets to assist in the important significance of “tying of the knot” between two families.

    Yuino betrothal sets
  • Kinpu celebratory envelopes

    We provide unique Kinpu designs crafted from high-quality Mizuhiki materials.

    Kinpu celebratory envelopes
  • New Year’s decorations

    We provide a wide variety of original New Year’s decorations, sacred straw ropes (shimenawa), and more.

    New Year’s decorations
  • Mizuhiki decorations

    We offer mizuhiki decorations for all kinds of events, from pine decorations that make great keepsakes to adorable ornaments.

    Mizuhiki decorations
  • Mizuhiki materials

    We provide a selection of Mizuhiki materials, ranging from traditional red and white to gold and silver, as well as vibrant options that are easy to work with.

    Mizuhiki materials
  • Custom-made goods

    Custom-made support, derived from years of experience and technology, enables us to address the varied needs of our customers.

    Custom-made goods
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